Here at Royal Thai Massage we offer a range of Corporate Massage Packages both onsite with our Chair Massage Service and in store with our favorable Employee Discount Offers. We also cater for any type of Event with our top class Event Massage Service!

Ideal for Trade Shows & Conventions, Meetings & Conferences & Offices

The benefits of our Massage Service are numerous. Employee and customers love it because it’s an oasis of relaxation in their workday. Employers, meeting planners and managers love it because it’s a quick, cost effective and personal way to improve morale and increase an employee’s potential for productivity.

The Service

Our Naut Thai therapists are qualified to a very high international standard and come in full Traditional Thai Dress. We arrive on site at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event time, and set up our massage chair(s) in a predetermined area. Then, one or more of our experienced therapists administer just neck & shoulder or neck, shoulder & back massage to the fully-clothed client for the desired amount of time – duration usually between 10 & 20 minutes per treatment.

The client walks away refreshed, rejuvenated, and impressed with your ability to provide such a uniquely personal experience. We use only high-quality, professional grade massage chairs that are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and stability during treatment.


Please contact us here for more info on our Corporate Massage Packages.